restaurant fit-out at Frankston waterfront

Our team of Frankston electrician recently completed this electrical installation for Frankston waterfront restaurant and bar. Altho this job looks like a quite straight forward fit out, it has large 35mm2 XLPE mains powering the 150amp distribution switch board. The mains are installed on cable tray through the car park of the south east water building to a plant room where we have installed CT meters as the restaurants maximum demand was quite higher then usual.

The commercial kitchen fit out comprises of 3 phase appliances (including oven, hot water service and dish washer), multiple suspended outlets, 15amp outlets, canopy exhaust with control switches and weatherproof lighting.

We installed 3 phase power and cat 6 data cabling along a cable tray to a store room on the other side of the building, which powers the office, cool room and freezer.

In the bar we have installed LED strip lighting, LED down lights and feature pendent lights over the counter. There is a glass washer and coffee machine that both require larger circuits.

Out in the seating area of the restaurant we have installed as the architect specified, ‘can’ style down lights and pendent lights over the tables. this lighting was installed in conduit along the entire ceiling as it was exposed and on display. we also install power for 2x 8KW split system air cons for temperature control.

Through out the whole installation there are data outlets and CCTV cameras alongside the required emergency and exit lights. our work is certified and commissioned, and our client is 100% satisfied!